CodeCanyon - Script Request Feature

I love CodeCanyon and have bought an awful lot of php scripts. However there are a number of php scripts that I would l like that are not available. Could Envato add a script request feature into CodeCanyon so that authors know what customers are looking for an can develop new scripts based on customer requests. I could really do with a SAAS Board Management script at the moment (agendas, minutes, action items, forum etc). Similar to: (link removed)

I don’t think so. To develop these scripts would take some time and it’s rather a personal project than template when you specifically need one thing. You may look for a similar items, if it doesn’t fit your needs perfectly, you will need a custom job.

There are many of these available, but they are all expensive.
(links removed)

The features are all similar, but there is no low cost or open source equivalent.

Key features, that would interest me:
SAAS script
Good security
Agendas, minutes, tasks (see examples of competing products for full feature list)
Can handle sub-committees (board can see down the organigram)
Upload supporting documents
Annotate / comment on documents (private and/or shared comments)
Modern UI
Mobile friendly

Happy to discuss, but I think this would be a very good project.



This rather answers the question - solutions like this are complicated to build let alone to maintain and update and some types of item are just not suitable for stock marketplaces for that very reason.