Saving files

Hi Guys:),

Sorry if i repeat topic or it is a silly question but i am trying to find some info. i have not been here for a while and i cant remember how to save files

  1. Ai files - do i save Illustrator 10? or can be newer ver? i am having problem with font in illustrator 10 - the fort get restirezed:( what i am doing wrong?
    also should i save illustrator 10 or ilustrator EPS 10 / or both?

  2. psd files - are there any restriction about version?

  3. In Design files - are there any restriction about version?

Here’s the vector submission guidelines article, but if you search for ‘submission requirements’ in the help centre, you’ll get the articles for a bunch of other things.

thank you, for link, but it still it doesnt solve my 2ndproblem:( when i save in eps 10 all my font are disalble to edit :frowning:

i got this warning:

where can i find guidlines for indesign and psd?

That’s more of an Adobe issue than an Envato issue… can’t help you I’m afraid!

Not entirely sure about InDesign, but for PSD and most other submission types… did you not read the text I added before the link I posted?

thanks again , i found guidlines;P

now just the font… i hope there will be somebody to help me with that…

ok got the solution:)

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