Sales down 70% from 2018 to 2023 !!! Terrible status! What do you think about the future?

I’ve been asking for this for months, the forum dose not exist for the Envato staff when it comes to this matter.


How you got this analytics?

You can see it in Author Dashboard

Its still available in 2024?

That’s odd. I got that on the items but not on my dashboard.


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How can we figure out where our sales are coming from? Like, if I’m advertising on Facebook, how do I know if people are buying stuff because they saw our ad there?

Using my Envalytics solution you can analyze the page URLs viewed:

It works through the Envato files.

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If you had already provided your Google Analytics Property ID through your Envato Market account before June 2023 and if you fall into the category of eligible authors, you should have an “Analytics” tab available in the Settings page of any Envato Market site (e.g. ThemeForest).


Do you know how Author Campaigns calculate?

I tried your tool but have some queries can I send message to you in personal?

i got analytics tab but its only shows page_author_source, I’m running ads but it not showing any sessions. can you explain to me how to get source transactions?

You can read more here

Future appears bleak here for theme authors.

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For video/music authors the present is bleak :pensive:


Everybody who contributed to Elememts has caused this disaster!


Have you heard of any marketplace for selling themes/plugins that protects authors’ interests? Do we need a new platform?


I was looking around for the samething. I was thinking to migrate my products on the official woocommerce store.


In woocomerce system , They not accept partner upload item

Take a look at the themes that have been released in the last few months in the WordPress category. Sales statistics are a disaster! While they have a very good design and quality.
Until a few years ago, the themes that were published were selling very well. But today the sales figures are very disappointing!


We should find new platform for sell our item.
While they are focus to the element then sale of author downing