Sales down 70% from 2018 to 2023 !!! Terrible status! What do you think about the future?

IMHO your personal resentment towards subscription models shouldn’t be used to minimize a customer’s struggle.

I understand your frustration when old videos start to get claimed, however I think you’re giving the YT system human intentions that are not there.

In 2015 and before many composers didn’t know how to protect their music, so it’s possible that they registered their portfolio years later and this generates the automatic claims today.

YouTube doesn’t know if you have been subscribed to Elements for years and it doesn’t take into account if you have always provided the correct licenses. It’s just an automatic process.
But what you can do is asking Identifyy, AdRev, etc to add your channel to the whitelist, so you won’t get any more claims in the future.


How can you offer quality and passion in this model?

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The point is that the customer was talking about how copyright claims work on YouTube, not about the differences between Market and Subscription sites.


I’ve been selling on Envato for 10 years, I know the market. My personal opinion on the current situation is this: In fact, as someone already wrote here, Envato, in an effort to minimize operating costs and human resources to improve the business, took a number of actions that inherently benefited not the authors and Envato, but only Envato and instead of “improving” it had the opposite effect, as it led to disappointment for the authors. I understand that Envato still has a revenue-generating business, but it’s not oil trading or renting an office building. This business is built on freelancers who create content for Envato. It is precisely this attitude towards those who essentially earn money for Envato that will have consequences. The absolute despondency that exists today in the community that was so valued and founded by Collis Taid with his attention to the authors, the inconsistency and lack of chemistry of the relationship between the two assets market and elements (essentially the authors of one platform complain about another platform), huge the amount of low-quality content that further forces top creatives to give up and leave, and like the icing on the cake is this payment system, which, despite all the tension, simply does not give money to many. All this will affect their business in the very near future. I’m also sure that most of the authors agree with what I wrote. Envato, you have some kind of plan, right?


I wonder what is that plan.


We all wonder, but it’s not like Envato’s going to let us know what the plan is. Apparently it’s top secret, highly classified and on a need-to-know basis.

Sales are down again :frowning:

A curious discovery I made earlier today, while going through the about page on Envato, I couldn’t help but notice that both authors featured success stories are irrelevant today. One has kept their portfolio (unattended) and have started their own shop. The other has completely abandoned the marketplace and selling on their own.

That’s not a very encouraging success story in 2024 and needs to be updated.


Say goodbye to the envato market! Find another job :confused:


Theme installed in 2018 is still attractive, there is no quality jump like in 2008 when TF started, the same situation is on the PC market


Work hard you will get more profit. Themeforest is the best marketplace in the World.



Good, only one author is celebrating Themeforest. The other 1000 complaining authors plus the ones that have left the market must be wrong. They definitely are not working hard enough, there is no problem at the Envato market end.

Did you look at my portfolio, ratings, sales, and reviews compared to yours? And I’m not a team of people, I’m just one person.

Any more specific and constructive advice rather than “word hard”?


You need to spend 20% profit on marketing

I’m pretty sure Avada is still selling good and they are happy :slight_smile:


I haven’t checked how many items you have per year but it’s true that if you keep adding new items every month, it will help you to sell more. But that doesn’t mean the items are selling good. I have checked your portfolio and I could say, if it was 2 years ago, you’d be selling at least 10-20 copies for the “newest” items for the first week or two. Right now, some of your sales per item way too low. This is the “discussion” about.


Yes and that is business profit and loss. Some items sale low and some items sale high. You should keep going on and focus on your items quality, support and marketing. It will help you in future

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All the items in elements are from authors. Why you joined elements and added your items there for few USD? If you are not happy with elements.

This method hasn’t been working for several years now. Additionally, the more products you have, the more work it requires to update and develop them, etc. Creating another template or plugin from scratch doesn’t always make sense, especially since it usually involves additional support. Offering free lifetime updates to customers is also a misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, the decline in sales, especially on ThemeForest, is highly noticeable. Elements have their share in this, and while this business model may make sense for simple graphics or assets, applying them to templates or plugins is, in my opinion, a misunderstanding too.


I guess it’s a point-of-view matter.

If you are an Indian company, maybe earning 2k per month publishing 10 themes per month is already a good result and not a problem under the support/updates side.

@codelayers isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(no offense intended, obviously)

However we are talking about large-scale statistics and the fact getting decent incomes as full-time author is harder week after week.

Even for a single, with your account incomes would be hard to live paying bills and a have a car in europe/USA. But, as said, is a point-of-view matter and depends a lot on where you live.


@BenLeong would be possible to have any word by Envato on this matter?

Is there any roadmap or is Envato travel by sight?


Agree 101%

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These facts surely don’t help though…

Mon-Tue period, actually making 70% less compared to past two weeks.
Let’s think it’s a coincidence…

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