Credit Card processing is not working at the moment

Hi there,

It’s about 1 day I’m trying to purchase a theme from Theme Forest but the credit card payment method is disabled, and getting this error message:
“Unfortunately Credit Card processing is not working at the moment. In the meantime, you can use one of our alternative methods, or you can try again later.”

Make sure the card is on for international purchases first, then if it’s still not working, try to use another card as your card may be on the black-list

I can’t enter the card information at all! the the fields is disabled!

Contact Envato support

having similar issue, tried different cards, cards are open for international online transaction. but getting error that envato is not able to process the card.

have already used the same card previously on themeforest, but this time its not working

Envato support is your solution, no one here could help you with payment issues.
Or use WISE/Payoneer credit cards if you have.