Sales down 70% from 2018 to 2023 !!! Terrible status! What do you think about the future?

Guys, were the last 2 weeks oddly low in sales and traffic?

Mine got 3x lower and I can’t explain it. I know it was Easter in the beginning of April, but I would’ve thought traffic goes back up.

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Yes, same here.

Yep. Last 3 times looking for WP plugins. 1 or more of the top results is dysfunctional with several comments; but no action is taken. Some plugins haven’t been updated in 2 years, lol. I emailed them and they just said “We have 8 million items, it’s hard”.

I get the feeling if they took out all the trash, it would look so empty it would be obvious they are headed to a dead end.

And Elements is 10x worse. They don’t even update the plugins. If the author updates the plugin on the main marketplace, the Elements may or may not get the update. Hello security issues? and no auto updates, which lead to outdated plugins too. Just terrible overall for customers and end users.

I think we need to start a co-op. Let’s talk.


@BenLeong Could you share some thoughts here? Is there any plan to make the market competitive compared to the other illegal sites that are distributing our software for a few dollars? Did anyone read our suggestion reported in the previous messages?

I’m not investing in implementing any new features or new plugins. I’m rather focusing on developing specific customization for customers that are asking for them. I’m working more as a hired developer rather than a CodeCanyon author.


We should other marketplaces better for Author’s rights

You’re on a subscription model that you don’t want to pay for the updates from an item. As most of the authors are providing updates through their system ( I’m building my own, too ) to offer the updates if it’s been purchased, registered and active “support” period, this is the way it supposed to be. I don’t think “life-time” offer is not valid anymore since you’re paying “annual” fee to get the items.

As it’s about taking, it’s also about giving.

About the “dead” plugins, they have already started to run diagnose for the “out-dated” items, one of mine was disabled and decided to remove it completely. Some authors are updating the item regularly as if it’s not, just read the comments/reviews before purchasing and ask pre-purchase questions to check it you could get a respond.


It’s also an option, that’s why me and lots of authors were focusing on Studio earlier but I believe it won’t last long, too. I had some issues with the clients asking “cheaper” price while everything is getting 15%-20% more expensive - it means, you’d have to work 20% more to get the same salary but I hope your situation is better.

@ki-themes I know, and that’s the reason I liked to have a store of software of mine on codecanyon. Fixed product at a fixed price without the problem to have to find the right price for custom work. For now I’m focusing on small projects (from 2 to 10 hours). I can ask the right “cheap” price for clients that most for the time are small (single person or small agencies).

Regarding the private update system, you shared a very good idea. I think I’ll implement the same method for my plugins.
I have already a license verification system, I can extend it to implement the update system instead of publishing the new version on codecanyon.

It’s good idea and you’re not breaking any terms of rules. Envato is offering “life-time” updates but they cannot force you to update the items on Marketplace, therefor if the buyers wants the updates, at least they could extend the support license and it’d be another income for the authors. This idea along with “protecting the source code” should’ve been implemented years ago to save the authors. Then it would be better place to sell the codes without worrying about the future.


I’m not sure this will comply with Envato terms: product updates must be available here. Would be a sort of “secondary version” sold here while the main one is given through your server.

IMHO the best way (also to respect customer rights) is to give automated updates only to users having the support entitlement (and that’s what I do through my platform since 2022).

And, also in this fashion, I was reported multiple times to Envato by customers thinking “they own everything having paid for the license”. However my system fully comply Envato “exclusive-author” rules :grimacing:

And…sorry to be pessimistic (or realistic) but no, it won’t be enough to survive. You can raise few bucks more (specially in the first period) but remember support extensions are cheaper than licenses and you will really get few dollars.

The only real way to survive is becoming the real manager/activator of your licenses and create your customers database to eventually opt-out from Envato exclusivity with ease.


Yes, maybe that’s the right direction.

Have you ever considered to have a partnership with us as authors in order to rely on your platform to publish our items? Licensing and updating could be managed by your system according the policy you described.


Would be a suicide to act as a “selling platform”. I simply created a system to force customers to adhere Envato rules.

Actually, since I’m building my own shop and will leave the exclusivity, I’m exteding it to support my own licenses. In a (near) future, using my D1k3 systems you will be able to connect your own WooCommerce shop and sell your recurring subscriptions directly.

However the big “point” is to control your licenses, to migrate customers wherever you want whenever you need.


I’m well aware of that modal too but I still have faith on Envato ( at least a year or two )

About the license, you won’t be selling the support elsewhere, you’d be asking the buyers to purchase additional support on Envato if they want the updates right away. Best case, you’d be updating the item twice a year anyway, you’d be a little bit late to update the items on Envato. Only one catch, you will need to add something like that to the item description:

“Automated updates being bound to support entitlement”
I’m still not there yet so I haven’t updated any of my items.

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What do you think about 2024??! Or 2025?!


If Envato does not make the right decision to solve the problem of decreasing sales of authors and does not interact with them, soon the authors will leave development and support and even respond to users’ comments, and Envato’s credibility will decrease day by day and finally will be defeated!
Right now you can see many items in Themeforest that the authors no longer develop and support them. The old update date and the unanswered comments of many users in Themeforest show that many developers have abandoned the market.
There are various reasons for the decrease in sales and income of the authors, but in my opinion, the most important reasons are:

  1. Envato Elements and users’ access to thousands of Wordpress templates and plugins, etc., which do not generate any income for authors. When the user sees that he can buy thousands of WordPress themes and plugins for $15, he will no longer buy a single theme from Themeforest and will be encouraged to buy a subscription from Envato Elements.
  2. Lifetime access to update themes and plugins! It should have a time limit of 6 months to cover the development and support costs for the developer.

In my case, they simply removed any possibility of getting money. Of course I don’t work for free.)


Are these Envato Market sales stats? Can you share the source?

These are the official statistics comes from Envato, you can check the previous one at

2024, January 1st : 74,276,001
2023, January 1st : 71,362,970
2022, January 1st : 67,771,282
2021, January 1st : 62,842,272
2020, January 1st : 57,204,629
2019, January 1st : 51,116,736
2018, January 1st : 43,881,978


Assuming that sales are gonna be the same amount of the rest of the year as it was today, as the 113th day, ( 75,054,726 - 74,276,001 ) X ( 365/113 ), approx sale would be 2,515,350 this year, which is 440,255 less than last year, would be NEGATIVE ~15% compared to 2023.


Maybe they leaved Envato and Build new market Or Go to Shopify

Do you know other marketplace for subscription ?

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Due to the low sales, many developers are disappointed in the competition in the market, especially in the competition with Envato Elements, and try to compete and survive in the market by lowering the price! Of course, many of them will soon fail due to low income and leave the market.
By sorting WordPress themes by price, you can see that there are more than 300 themes priced at $19 or less, which is a sign that developers are afraid that their products will not sell.