Sales almost stopped from last 4-5 days

Lucky you. I have a single sale in 3-4 days now. This is really odd

Element$$$. (and Envato Studio + other smaller projects)

I would be interested in what percent of Elements earnings is for code actually (cc+tf).

Surely less since this week: I removed all my products since the launch of my new licensing system, locking plugins without a valid market license per domain. In any case its income was so low that won’t be a sensible loss at all.

Audio instead is skyrocketing: money money money (with no maintenance nor support :smiling_face_with_tear:)

This month looks like a disaster and over that Envato is running a new ‘MID YEAR SALE’. I mean what a joke when themes are already selling at $13 without any SALE/DISCOUNT.


Allowing authors to set price for their items is killing the market I believe. Authors are selling WordPress themes at $13 and when users ask for support they are not helping because you can’t sustain a business with a few cents profit on a sale. I strongly believe that there should be some cap for the minimum price. Buyers are loosing trust in the Envato market and Authors are loosing interest to add more items.


I agree that the price for a WordPress theme should be a minimum of 25 USD and a minimum of 12 USD for html templates, because for that purpose we have the discount tools when we want to sell cheaper. Also, there is a detail that the authors of Envato are forgetting: We affiliates are not interested in promoting cheap items, because the commission is very low, that is why themes like Avada that costs 69 USD sells so much, because it is an attractive price to sell as an affiliate and earn 30% commission.


Is impossible to compete with authors setting those prices, but it’s the market.
You/we must work on quality, not quantity.

You are a power elite author with almost 29K licenses, your position is well established to set proper prices and promote quality over those cheap products.

About low incomes, I will be launching a “solution” soon that I already adopted this year. If you might be interested just send me a message, I’ll give you a sneak peek :wink:


I would like to know and be invited too :slight_smile: if you are building Envato no2

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Don’t be mad at Envato, they fed us for years :wink:

No Envato #2, the system is totally Envato based to avoid existing the exclusivity!
It’s something having helped my business so much, I decided to create a dedicated platform for other authors.

Contact me if you want to know more, the platform is ready for any author selling WordPress products!
(I can’t share the link here for Envato’s self-promotion rules…)