Sales almost stopped from last 4-5 days

Lucky you. I have a single sale in 3-4 days now. This is really odd

Element$$$. (and Envato Studio + other smaller projects)

I would be interested in what percent of Elements earnings is for code actually (cc+tf).

Surely less since this week: I removed all my products since the launch of my new licensing system, locking plugins without a valid market license per domain. In any case its income was so low that won’t be a sensible loss at all.

Audio instead is skyrocketing: money money money (with no maintenance nor support :smiling_face_with_tear:)

This month looks like a disaster and over that Envato is running a new ‘MID YEAR SALE’. I mean what a joke when themes are already selling at $13 without any SALE/DISCOUNT.

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