Sale Reverse in Insane level

i have got 10+ sale reversal in last 7days, very disappointed by this.
is there anything in envato site to manage this ( i know envato ban sale reverse user, but they already had the script )

any thought?

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Sales reversals have to be processed manually and they’re done in batches… so the 10+ reversals that were processed in the last week may have been from the last two weeks, a month, two months etc. Not much of a consolation, but just so you know.

And no, there’s nothing that can be done with regards to sales reversals which would be of any financial benefit to both Envato and authors.

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thanks for explain it,

Sorry but I don’t understand it

Here you go…

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dear i think you have not read my post properly

i have asked about sale reversal not asked about payout.

I was replying to slideshow2, but either way, your comment indicates that you didn’t click on the link and read the content within.

thanks for the info

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As I know, many online markets have disabled sale reversals. You can`t buy a TV and then make sale reversal.

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Yes, you most certainly can. :slight_smile:

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Really? :slight_smile: I mean made sale reversal and keeping a TV for yourself. Never heard that many people use this “feature”. I bought some products in online stores, and when I was not satisfied with the quality, I raised a dispute and the seller returned the money.

We’re not talking about disputes, we are talking about reversals (also known as “chargebacks”). These take place at the credit card or bank level, and thus merchants have no control over them and no way to disable them.

The only thing merchants can do is attempt to fight the chargeback. For example, the bank tells the merchant “the cardholder claims their card was stolen”, the merchant may provide evidence that the customer was indeed the cardholder, and the bank may close it in the merchant’s favor.

Check the terms of service for any online store or marketplace, and you will find clauses for “chargebacks” that will look familiar – i.e. you agree to not raise a chargeback, or we’ll close your account, permanently revoke your rights to access, etc. Envato simply uses a more unusual term, “sale reversal”, for this.

Could you share links of these markets that have done this. Thanks

Not tested myself and never heard of reversals in popular online markets as possibility keeping the product for free.
For example I have a small portfolio started 2 years ago on P5, never had sales reversals.

It’s possible they absorb the cost of reversals like Envato used to. Reversals are everywhere, it’s called fraud, and it costs the world (both online and offline businesses) trillions of dollars each year. No matter where you run to, there is no escaping the banking system. :sweat_smile:

But one thing is for certain – if you ever find yourself waking up one morning to discover that your bank card has been stolen and used to buy a TV (I’ve been there before!), then you will surely be grateful that your bank will send a new card and return those funds to you. And the merchant will absolutely receive a sale reversal for it no matter who they are, contrary to your suggestions above.

Yes you right. If someone have a proof that his card was stolen, send those proofs to seller, then he can return funds but he must return purchased items. Otherwise, someone himself will become a thief for keeping a TV for free. And banks helping thieves, that allow sales reversals without contacting the marketplace.

No – the card was stolen. You don’t have the TV, and you can’t return it. You don’t want your money back despite this? What if they take your entire account balance and leave you without money for food?! :thinking:

This is why when you’re a victim of fraud, you go to your bank, who will reverse the transaction (hence “sale reversal”) by force – to protect their customer, and in many cases, to comply with local laws on purchase liability.

Yes, unfortunately that does mean some people out there will abuse this and get free stuff. But it still protects innocent people who are victims of fraud and theft, so governments won’t change it without a sufficient alternative.

Oh, and that brings me to a final point: You guys always direct your anger in the wrong direction for this. Chargebacks (sale reversals) are a government/bank issue. Envato has no control over it. If you have an issue with it, complain to your government, not some random small startup who’s just as much a victim as you are :wink:

true indeed,
we will have to work on our license system to make it more strict, to detect fraud and cancel their license and update

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I have this problem too and envato does nothing for it. People come and buy your product and after a while they withdraw the payment and you waste your time

It takes too long to contact envato by mail. We are waiting for a reply for 1 e-mail for days.

Unequivocally false! While I completely understand any frustration involved with reversals, to say that Envato is not doing everything they can to fight it is completely false, and I will advocate relentlessly for the truth of the matter.

It’s not something that Envato can fix in any capacity. When you see “sale reversal” in your statement, it means a bank has reversed the transaction. In other words, literally – by absolute force – taken the funds back from Envato’s own bank account without any consent. And in some cases, even charged them a reversal fee, which they kindly cover for you.

What Envato does do instead is try to minimize the number of reversals by terminating suspicious would-be buyers.

There are a lot of buyers who come to these forums asking why their account was disabled as soon as they purchased an item – well, that’s exactly why. Envato saw something suspicious and didn’t want to take the risk. This process has false positives though, and you lose legitimate sales in the process just to stop a few bad actors. It needs to be balanced.

Envato is doing everything they can to minimize the damage from reversals, but it’s purely preventative; once a transaction has been made, it’s out of their hands.

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