Review Turnaround For VideoHive

How long should I wait to check my plugin?
When the first time I sent it, they checked it in 1 day and said to add instructions. I added and after the second submission 2 days passed and no information.

writes “-”

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I don’t know what the “plugin” do you meen. But seems like it’s “Add Ons” categoria, not “Apple Motion Templates”

No, this is Template for FCPX (not plugin) and i put in category Apple Motion Templates

It’s you called it “plugin” :tipping_hand_man:

3 дня для FCPX это приблизительно. Всегда было приблезительно. А тут еще переди выходные плюс изза ковида сейчас наплыв новых авторов и старые активизировались (ктото из команды Енвато писал об этом) Но FCPX не слишком популярная категория. Так что в пнедельник-вторник, думаю, рассмотрят. Говорят что если айтем принят в начале недели, то это лучше для просматриваемости

Yes, I’m sorry. Wrong!

thank you for the help!


The typical review time for new non-Stock Footage items is 3-5 days. For resubmissions, it’s usually 1-3 days, but if an item is resubmitted just before a weekend or a holiday, the wait time can be a little longer.

UPDATE: I looked into this and it appears you resubmitted a soft-rejected item as a new item, instead of using the link in the soft-rejection email to make changes to your original submission. When you receive a soft-rejection please use the link to make updates to the original item, which puts your item back to the top of the wait list. When you resubmit a soft-rejection as a new item, that item goes to the back of the queue. Not only do you end up waiting longer for a review, but the review team doesn’t see the previous rejection notes, which could lead to additional problems with subsequent reviews.


Hello! Thank you very much! I did not notice the link.
Now I will follow the link and make all the changes!
Thanks again!

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