How long time review for submit update file?

Hi everyone,

I have a plugin on CodeCanyon, i submit update file 1 day but don’t get any feedback? My friend submit his update on ThemeForest he has feedback after 1-2 hours later.

Someone help me,


Which category? It varies, see here: (these were average times last week).

I’ve had PHP script updates take 10 minutes, 10 hours, or even 5 days before. Usually it’s pretty quick though.

Thank you, resubmission need 4 days to review :slight_smile:

If I got rejected and then resubmit same item again after necessary changes is that re-submission?
And how they know it’s re-submission, i’m confused.

if you got soft reject and fix the problems and reupload it = re-submission, but if you got hard reject you need to fix the problems and change thing like you will make a new app and upload it again :slight_smile:

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@leocoding: resubmission for plugin approved and submit update, i don’t know time review for soft reject resubmit.

Well since they did not indicate, I think I’m hard-rejected and I resubmitted again. They asked me to “consider” using a framework which I won’t and I rewrited my code and beautified it. It’s OOP following PSR standards…