So much time for feedback?


Hello! I resubmitted a PSD for selecting the price but it passed 2 days and I didn’t received any feedback?
How long does it takes until I will receive an answer?


I am also in the same case, I have sent to the support ticket 2 times and not get any response, it makes me feel very uncomfortable


I already waited 17 days for feedback…and now this…:frowning:


yes, I also had to wait 17 days. And they want just because they’re softreject update prices


I see :(…by the way, I uploaded the files again it is possible that they reconsider the answer so that is why it takes so longer?
Thank you for your answer


too disappointed about the current team of reviewers





Resubmissions 1 DAY…for me passed 2 day already…


Items that were soft rejected for setting up the price are not considered as re-submissions. Thanks


It takes max 2 days


After Submit price updates it takes 2 days of time for review item


Thank you!


What do you mean? I have to wait again 17 days? I haven’t received any points to improve my theme, just the price.


But remember one thing : Envato reviewer soft reject the item first time because of its Author Driven pricing policy to set the price.After you set the price and resubmit it then the actual review process will start.
So dont think like that yours Item is soft rejected and after price updates and resubmit it then its chance to approve. It going to Hard reject too without any reasons.
i Personally got same issue from envato reviewer
My Last Hard Reject design is :
If any suggestions let me know


Queue time will remain same, the days passed will still considered.


I like your theme


Thank you…


Still i dont know why it Directly Hard rejected after set price and resubmit it.Atleast give me reasons from Reviewer to understand where i m wrong


My day just gone bad :(… all waiting in vain…why set the price if you receive a hard reject…why not analyze the theme and the set the price?
On hard reject items they don’t give you any feedback “they don’t have time”…