Review Queue Monitor - After Effects

Post the review time for your items below.

Use this thread for After Effects project files only.

Cheers! :smiley:

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Actually it would be nice to have two separate Queue Monitors: one for AE projects, second for stock footage. Because in previous thread there was a lot of misunderstanding.

And I think this thread must be in “Shop talk” category. No?

By the way… Does anybody know scripts goes as fast as AE projects or they have their own queue? Thanks.

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I guess you’re right. Done! :smiley: I am not sure as for the scripts queue

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I guess only reviewers know about the script queue.

So what’s the queue at the moment? :wink:

Thank god, I finally got my favorite topic

I know it’s off topic, but this new forum is so confusing.

Uploaded couple hours ago, lets see how long it takes

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4 days and rejected :disappointed:

3 days! Thanks reviewers :slight_smile:

a pretty complex template of mine got approved in 3 days! bit surprised :slight_smile:

Hey, maybe someone knows whats the current review queue status?

Hey folks, how are the review times for after effects?

After effects 4 days

6 Days After Effect Project. Is it ok or NOT ?

My last one was only 1 day.

It is. 6 days. Plus AE templates not accepted during holidays. So on Monday or Tuesday it should be reviewed. Have one on 6th day to.

Hmm. Ok. Let’s wait : )

Thanks Digital T1ger !