[VideoHive] Envato Review Times

I can’t believe my favorite topic on the old forum is gone! I hope this one will be even more successful and useful for the authors. So submit your queue waiting time here.

It will be 15th day in a few hours for the stock footage, I’m still waiting and the weekend is coming…


Three days for my exciting new AE template.

PS. Maybe this should be renamed to ‘the new VideoHive queue monitor’… as unless I’m missing something, all the different marketplace forums are all in one place now.


What’s the current AE queue times?

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Totally agree

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Hey if you insert the “video” tag in this thread it will be better organized and displayed when someone wants to see videohive related stuff :wink:

Edit: someone has already created an After Effects queue monitor: Review Queue Monitor - After Effects so maybe we should use this one for stock footage and motion graphics only?


I added the tag and renamed the topic. :slight_smile: I’m on the 18th day for the stock footage and still waiting.

Passing 3 days for AE template

AE 3 days

17 days for Stock Footage

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Today is my 8th day waiting for preset approval

15 days on my stock footage project so far. Still waiting.

Looks like i have to wait more then i think :smile:

It is nice to find this piece of information !


Anyone knows the queue for After Effects file at the moment?

3-4 days for AE

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4 days including weekends

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that fast?

yeah, Great work reviewers

11 days including two weekends :frowning:

I guess that’s stock footage ?

10 days for AE script… still waiting :cry: