[VideoHive] Envato Review Times

4 Days After effects

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Yep. 3-4 days for AE.

11 days for AE script. Finally!

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9th day in Apple Motion category

12 days for a Preset (Add on) and still waiting.

2 days for AE template. Not bad :sunglasses:

AE project 7 days in the queue, and still waiting :frowning:

Two days for AE project. Thank you Reviewers.

16 days for Stock Footage

Stock Footage is at 13 days.

4 Days for AE Template - VideoDisplay

28 hours AE

Holy crap that is a long time, seriously Envato, it’s stock footage! How hard seriously can that be to review? Do some work or hire people that can and are willing to do the work!

Really fast!
Also I have some stuff in the queue, let’s see the miracle :slight_smile:
P.S. Server is really slow :frowning:

Two days for AE project :yum:

4 days now :frowning: Still no review…

same here :frowning:

less than 3 days for Logo Reveal , was a week ago.

Item update took 4 hours.

present queue time please :smile:

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