After Effects: Review Time

What’s the deal here? Coming up on 10 days for a project I submitted. Expected it to be approved/reviewed by Monday. Let’s go.

The same here, maybe just a vacation season. Be patient )

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12 days… and still waiting, first time to wait this long in 7 years!

11 days here and i looking newest items and this 2 day no any new ae projects on vh…


videohive is not releaseing new items i am really worried and also i have an item in the from last 9 days

Hi guys,
Still on the queue?

10 days and still waiting :frowning:

OMG, never happened this before.

10 days and counting… unbelievable.

I have after effects project for 7 days in queue. It is sad that they don`t even inform authors about changes. How is it possible to not check projects on working days. If the reason is vacation then why would they let all reviewers to go…

9 days for a new project. But wait today it is Monday :wink: I might get lucky :slight_smile:

nope i am afraid you wont, my newest project is waiting for 14 days

Submitted 15 days ago…who more?)

15 days … unbelievable :tired_face:

Please see this thread regarding Videohive review times. You can also monitor this link for current estimated turnaround.

As mentioned in the Review Times thread, we’re experiencing our typical summertime slowdown with much of the review team on vacation. Hang in there, we’ll be back to our usual 4-7 day wait soon.

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