"Review Pending " items disappear from dashboard :/



Hello there! Not sure what is happening I submitted an item and it was showing “review pending” but after a few hours it disappeared from my dashboard. No email from envato. I thought it was a bug and i re-submitted it after few hours it disappeared again… Please let me know what i need to do now?

Vinay Kashyap


Hi @GraphiTivity,

try to check your hidden items, your item might got soft rejected




Or check your Spam folder :stuck_out_tongue:


Check your public portfolio, check your hidden items, check your spam box :smiley:


Nope nothing in spam and no new items in my portfolio… in just few hours the “Review pending” item just vanished from my dashboard… It happened twice in a row. Not sure why? I also saw a few similar threads where people mention of the same issue but they did not find any solution to this issue. So envato certainly need to check on this BUG.


Hi @GraphiTivity,
How did you make your makn ZIP file?
What software did you use?


Emmm then you should contact envato directly to solve this bug.


Hi @GraphiTivity,

why don’t you try to change your email address ? It might be a problem with your webmail provider.




I’m getting newsletters from envato. Every time I upload the item stay in the queue for about 8 - 10 hours and the box that say’s “currently processing uploads” disappeared.

I used 7-zip to make the final package.


Hi @GraphiTivity,

have you checked your hidden items as we told you before ?




Thank you @MatteoGianfreda I can’t access my account, my ticket time is 4 days. I will update this thread as soon as things change mean while :musical_note: :art: :slight_smile: