Reversal Sale

Hello everyone. I know this question is on the forum all the time. But sorry, 5 purchases, 4 Reversals are not ok!

Envato, why I give you 50%? For what? If you can`t give protect for my products?

Yes, this is easy to say: not our fault, this is payment platform problem, we are nice, but, I repeat it - 50% of taxes?

If you can`t protect it, if we perfect know that peoples just download it and make reversal - just return this money for author, because legally, the transaction went and through at the time of downloading my product, and I did not receive payment. And you, as an intermediary, do nothing.

Envato, stop ignoring the topic. After all, someone on the Internet said that it is a good idea to return money in this way, and now we see a wave of people who want to cheat. Many authors who have passed this agree with me, I’m sure.

I want simple things. I want to sell a product and make a profit and I hope for a platform that is legally obligated to protect our rights!

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No one helping, Community here for only 1 answer, Contact support team. I don’t know new CEO know this thing or not !!!

As you said this has been discussed many times before but the end results are the same:

  1. Reversals (wrong though they are) do not benefit Envato either, if there was a way to prevent them, then Envato would have implemented it.

  2. As you rightfully mention, it is a payment platform issue. Envato cannot control what takes place outside of their ecosystem.

None of this makes it right, but nor can is there currently a viable and feasible solution, and it’s important to ensure clarity among the different conversations

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this is not taxes in this case , this is fees as these are private charges so to speak. I understand your frustration, especially as, many times, indeed, the result of this is that our items end up in pirate websites. This is also frustrating because, obviously, with digital goods, once people have downloaded, this is gone, if u know what I mean … they have your product and there are very likely to use it in anyway even if u did not get any money for it. I have always wandered , normally most of physical shops have insurance against thieves, for huge online platform like this one, this is not possible? on the other hand , if the system is not perfect , this is far worse somewhere else again (I know this is not solving things …), here not so many reversals and not so many items downloaded to be sent in pirate websites, to say the least …