Reuse of assets

Hi fellow,

I bought a template and I want to reuse it’s assets in my new template so I want just know it is any quality issue on themeforest.

Thanks in advance

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You mean that you want to use assets from an existing template to create your own which you plan to sell here?

If so, you’re not allowed to do that as it’s a copyright infringement.


I want to use svg icons only from that template.
It is allow?

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Are those icons made to be part of the template? If so, that’s still not allowed. Even if they arent, it’s still against copyright to sell assets that you don’t have the license to do so.

It might be a good idea to link the template that you’re talking about here, so we can get a better idea of what exactly you want to use.

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I want to use this template svg icons

Thanks in advance.

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It looks to me that those are made specifically for the theme. So you won’t be able to use them in your own items that you plan to sell.

For this sort of thing you are expected to either make your own icons, or find some to use as a demo, but you can’t provide them with your item, instead you’d have to make it clear that they aren’t included and the provide a link(s) to where the customer can get them.

If you want some icons to use in a client or personal project, you can search around the icons category on GraphicRiver, and all you’ll need is a Regular License unless users have to pay to access whatever you’re using the icons for. For example, lets say you’re making a website for a pet store and need some animal icons, you can buy those icons with a Regular License, even though you’re charging the pet store for your services. However, lets say that pet store has some sort of VIP paid access section on their website, and you want to use those animal icons in that section, that would require an Extended License.

Should I use and svg assets?