Question about the use of free icons

If I used a free icon like this one here
can I include it among my html files or not ?
images from are not allowed to be included right ? just placeholders…
are these icons have the same rule ?!!
thank you

Says you can use them and share them but only if you reference the source

Unsplash is a grey area but if in doubt always use placeholders

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Depending on what I understood from the Help Center (see it below), I would recommend against using it because it’s under CC BY-ND license.
From the Help Center (please correct me if I’m wrong):

I find that article very helpful and I highly recommend reading it for more information about what assets you can use.

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I found lot of those terms hard to understand, i guess i’ll just not use it, it’s only one icon anyway

I think you could use them for demo, but shouldn’t include in full package

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Well I need something that I can include in the template, do you have any idea where I can get them for free ? any website that allows that ? where the other authors get them from ??