Reudx as Plugin

Hi There,
I have integrated redux inside theme , but it’s soft rejected because no more allowed in theme.
You should integrate redux as plugin as reviewer suggest.
Problem is the time when I have used redux inside theme there is no undefined error but this time while using as plugin it’s showing Undefined index error.
Once I click on ‘Return to Required Plugins Installer’ or ‘click on any of the link in wp-admin’ the error is no more.

Please let me know if anyone have the answer.

Is there anyone who can help me out ?


You are allowed to use Redux Framework plugin but you only need to included in the plugin is the config file, not the entire plugin(and modify it as per your needs). (See config file here on github’s redux repo).

To install the redux plugin after activation you need to use TGM PA activation class.

Good Luck :sunny:

Hello Sir,
Thanks for the reply.

I have embedded the Redux core as plugin using TGM PA activation class, and called the config file inside function file.

Everything working while I am activating theme and activating the plugin and go to front end.

Here is the screenshot what I am trying to tell you.


Please post a screenshot with the notice you get

Here is the video link,

Note - Redux framework is activated through plugin.
- Not getting redux panel value unless and until I refresh the page after plugin activated or Clicking on the ‘Return to Plugin Installer’.
- How can I load the default value once plugin is activated without refreshing page.