Resubmission upload limit reached


I’ve been working through a couple of soft rejections with the reviewer this last couple of weeks and just had another soft rejection with just one simple thing that needs changing which is a false theme check error anyway. The problem is it’s now saying Ive reached my upload limit for this category and my other theme I have in the cue was only submitted a couple of weeks ago so it will probably be months before that one is reviewed.

I don’t seriously have to wait months to be able to resubmit this one do I ? The one themecheck error was because of a style tag not allowed which I got directly off the official Wordpress website so it shouldn’t even be giving an error.

This is a big headache because I can’t afford to wait months :confused: Help !!

Just to follow up this is the only issue thats left :

But it says here that there allowed :

Its not a problem I can easily remove them. Its just going to drive me loopy if i have to now wait another 2 months just because of that :frowning:

Review queue initiative: author upload limits. check out this thread… it seems that you have to wait for the other theme to get approved first… sorry

I understand that they have brought in the new limits but I believe the reviewer got it wrong and was probably using an outdated themecheck and because I already had themes in the queue its not really fair. To wait another 2 months just because of that false themecheck issue is a bit ridiculous.

It is definitely unfair. The rule shouldn’t apply to the items already submitted, but it says there that soft rejected items are considered new submissions so they are not allowed…

So frustrating because they have been allowing my resubmissions for the last week up until today and thats the only issue left which isn’t even a real issue. Envato please have mercy and let this one go through, the themes ready.