Do not understand the following notification

Hello there,

I have submitted a theme few days ago. In the past i got reply from the reviewer within 2 days. But today i noticed that in the top of the item page
"Limit Reached Header. You will be able to resubmit this item as soon as one of your submitted items has been reviewed."

What does it mean? My item did not submit properly?
Also submit button text replaced with the following "translation missing: en.uploads.index.limit_reached_header"

Is there anyone who can explain about those notification?

Thanks in advanced.


There’s a submission limitation. You cannot upload several themes at same time. Once one of your review is completed, you will be able to submit a new item

Thank you for your information.
I had a theme soft rejected over 1 year and I have submitted another one without removing the first one from the queue. Second theme got reviewed 4 times by the reviewer and now i am seeing this notification. After getting the notification i have removed the first one from the soft rejection queue. Now only one theme is in the queue and still i could not be able to submit the theme.

What can i do now?


Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


Thank you @mgscoder
I already have submitted a ticket.

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You cannot upload/submit two items at the same time to one category.

Non-elite authors
One (1) new item submission at any time

Yes I have only one (1) item in the queue. Still could not submit the theme.

You cannot submit the second one when you have already one submission

Hello @ki-themes

I told you that i have only one soft rejected item that could not re-submit again.

hope you understood.
I have created a ticket as you said in the past.