Responding to Emails sent to us via Profile Page

When I receive an email from the contact form on my Profile Page ; I can’t see the the sender’s email address to reply them (this was not the case until now), and when I try to reply them I see the "" email adress instead of theirs!

^ This problem is still there. ^

Please refer Do not open Fake Emails with Zip file attached

Thanks a lot friend, checking right now :slight_smile:

The above reply isn’t really relevant, it’s not the same case.

This is a bug with the Yahoo interface, you may want to use a different mail client and report the bug to them. In detail, the issue is that Yahoo is not respecting the email’s “Reply-To” header.

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By the way, was using (and still do) YAHOO for years and this only started a few days ago. Interesting.

Yes, but you’re not the only one with this issue.

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Thanks friend for the comment.

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