Contact form email reply

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this topic but , I have been experiencing some issues replying to my clients that contact me through the support contact form where it always says at the bottom “You can reply directly to this email to respond” and ironically the email is from , and when I try to reply I get bounced back of course with an Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender error , and I find my self every time replying from their profile contact form.
Am I the only one who’s experiencing this ?

What email client? Is the original email forwarded to you from another account or directly from Envato?

Directly from envato , when a user contacts me through the item support contact form / contact form on my profile , I get an email from Envato Market and I cant reply to it

Can you check the header of the mail? it’s maybe because the Reply-To is swapped with the From address.

Mail clients prefer the first if the later doesn’t exist so if you find the donotreply address just search for the “From” address in the header

I’m experiencing the same issue! I can not reply to my customers to help them. Anyone solved this?

I contacted both Envato and Protonmail

Envato said that this is a problem with Protonmail and not them, so I had to move back to Gmail until it gets fixed .

I’ll keep you posted until I hear back from Protonmail technical support.

Update : I just got an email from Protonmail Technical Support saying that the problem is fixed for new Protonmail accounts and should get fixed in a few days for the older accounts .