Profile contact form not sending to Gmail

I’m hoping somebody can shed some light on this because i’m pulling my hair out trying to get this to work.

Originally, our email was part of our hosting and we accessed it like any other POP email account.
We have since moved our email to Gmail (G Suite to be exact).
Sending emails to the address directly from another Gmail account, or a hotmail account works fine. But sending emails using the contact form doesn’t work. I have contacted Envato but its been a while and i’ve not heard anything back. I have no idea what the issue is and what the fix would be.

I’ve had a look for a solution and thought i’d need to add an SPF record to the DNS to allow Envato to send emails on the domains behalf, but that doesn’t seem to be working (unless i’ve entered in wrong).

Does anybody know what the issue could be?

I use G Suite without any trouble, all emails from contact form reach me perfectly fine (with no configuration for Envato necessary).

Have you checked your spam folder? Nothing from Envato should be going there, but the spam folder is hidden and you have to click a “View more labels” button to find it.

If you contacted Envato and haven’t heard back in 2 weeks then their email probably got lost too. Did you get a confirmation email when you sent it?

Try sending in a ticket from a different address, maybe @KingDog may also be able to see if they replied to your ticket if he has time, given the ticket #.

Might be worthwhile to get in touch with Google Support too, so you can verify it’s not an issue on their end. There’s a page to reach them at

Also… verify that you set up your MX records correctly. Can you receive other emails at the G Suite address(es)?


Hi baileyherbert,

Yeh I receive emails from other place just fine.
The email that the form sends to is An alias so not sure if that have something to do with it.

MX records are set as specified by google. Not quite sure what else would stop if or if there’s something in the DNS stopping it. DNS is with godaddy if that helps.

Really has confused me. Not sure what else to do. As you can imagine it’s causing issue with customer who need support.