How to respond to "Message sent via your Envato Market profile"?

Hi just receive it on my email “Message sent via your Envato Market profile” and I’m trying to figure it out how to respond that cos it only appears at my email and nowhere else inside my Evato page. Should I just send an email to --removed–?

Yes, just reply to the email.

Please do not share other people emails on a public forum.


Funny thing: today I also received in my e-mail a “Message sent via your Envato Market profile”. Just wondering if this is some kind of spam?

hi u have people to try to contact for different kind of reasons (community, item or whatever), they are not necessarily spam lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for advice. I replied to that guy and will see what happens :slight_smile:

Hi @JoshuaDaluz and @zygista,

this mean someone has contacted you using your profile page right side contact form. It is not spamming untill they ask/request you something about your profile and portfolio items. Also you customer(s) can contact you in this way for getting support or technical query.

if you check in the email header you will see reply to: SENDER EMAILID. So, just click on the reply button and reply to the email. it will reply to the sender.


Hi @mgscoder, I replied to that guy using an e-mail (which I use very rarely to track spam). This my e-mail is different from my Envato e-mail. And guess what: the guy who asked for help to make some special video clips NEVER replied, but after about 1 hour I got a spam message to that e-mail address from unknown sender trying to sell some goods.

when you will get any message from your profile then in email you will find username and customer verification link of the sender. you can check their profile. if seems to you they can be spammer and not your customer then you can ignore. if asked query your any item then you should to reply but you should to take care of spammer.

@mgscoder, I checked, it is an Envato user, 10-yrs in Envato, 0 followers. After learning this info now I’m more suspicious:
envato-user_20200925-192309 .