RESOLVED: Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable (March 23)

Anyone else having issues with envato elements? After a few hours I see the message “We’re sorry. Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed.”

Same here; On the page where it logs problems, it says that the problem has been resolved. No, it hasn’t. I have been unable to connect consistently all morning long (Eastern Time, USA). When I go to the Help page, I cannot find a place to report problems, just loads of articles. If there is such an animal, it is not at all evident.

Same here. It has been going on for over an hour and I don’t see it logged as a problem or a way to notify envato elements there is a problem.

Same here. So frustrating

i have been having the same issue

Same here. Every time I search for any asset the website crashes and reports and error. I have submitted a ticket as this has been now on going for 24hours. I pay for a service I am not getting.

Super frustrating, its been 2 hours now.

I cannot access the system as well and need fonts for my design. I pay annually and feel frustrated that I cannot use something I pay for in full (a whole year at that). Does anyone have an idea of when the system is coming back up?

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Same here, the site has been experiencing issues since yesterday 3/21/2023. Why isn’t someone on the Envato Elements team looking into fixing this already??? Eliminate any way for us to contact them and then just let the site sit broken for paid users!?!?

Looks like their team is finally looking into it.

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same here in British Columbia. it’s noon and still not working since 7 am. I cannot work and it is so frustrating.

Any Update? The site is still down.

If you check our status site you can follow the progress -


This is the message Envato’s page sent to me: “We’re sorry. Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed”

That’s what I was seeing too. This was the status update a little bit ago. Signing up for status updates using the link they provide is always helpful in situations like this. Hope that helps!

Elements Intermittent Connectivity Issues Disrupt User Access to Website

Incident status: Identified

The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

Time posted

Mar 23, 01:56 AEDT

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