Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We're working on getting it fixed.

since over 10 days I am getting the following message once I login to envato elements:
“Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed.”
if I visit “https://elements.envato.com” while signed-out, the website is operational. Once I login, I get the “unavailable” message and unable to browse or download any assets. I am even unable to view my subscription status.
Is this a common issue?

It happens, yes.


ok, thanks for pointing. So I opened a support ticket but didn’t get any email confirmation or a ticket reference number ?? Any clue on how to get this fixed?

Check your “Spam” folder

I have been unable to view enevatoelements.com for MONTHS. https://elements.envato.com/
WHAT IS HAPPENING? I have emailed them and noone is responding. I’m shocked and so disappointed! Is there anyone out there who can help?

You need to solve the issue with the support team. Just create a ticket instead, they won’t be replying you with the email.