Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We're working on getting it fixed.

Hi Envato Team

This is getting out of hand. For the last 2 days when I subscribed to the plan, it only worked in the next 2-3 hours then I suddenly received that error. " [Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable]

To whoever that can see this, I am 2 days behind in my work and I cannot afford anymore delay. How the heck is this happening when it clearly states in https://elements.envato.com/ status page that everything is operational and that there are no incident reports/issues?

Steps I have already done

  1. Tried other browsers
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozzilla Firefox
  1. Tried Incognito in all said browsers.

  2. Cleared cache.

  3. Cleared cache and cookies

  4. Created a ticket that no one hasn’t reached out yet. Case/ticket ID 3234397

This is very frustrating and unprofessional.

Hi @marybernadetter,

Envato Elements is running fine from my side. Also there are no reported incidents on the status page. There may be an issue with your account or your browser cache. Please clear browser cache and cookie and try again. If the problem still there, please open a Support Ticket via Envato Elements Help and Support. They will be happy to help.


I am also experiencing this problem, I just subscribed to envato elements like a day ago and now i am experiencing this. I am also way behind my schedule, I subscribed so I can make use of it for efficiency now I have to wait. I’ve also submitted a ticket.

Ticket number is:3237418

Please keep patience support team will reply your ticket as quickly they can. Thanks