complaining about error "Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable"

hello everyone I feel pissed off I just have subscribed envato elements and used it for two days it has been four or five days now watching the page error that shows: Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed.
I have tried to browse the website with a different account and worked well and smoothly but sadly could not using my subscribed account, is this a kind of scam or just a normal issue that will not affect my subscription period, put in count that I have urgent tasks to achieve and this issue prevented me from doing so, this is really irresponsible, so please if any one familiar with this issue enlighten me.

It looks like it’s been a buzzing complaint recently but I’m sure it’s not a scam. The team must be working hard to fix the problem, you will get a notification about the fix. Continue to be patient and maybe there will be a policy regarding your subscription, wait for further information from the team.

You are guding right because its not a spam.