Repeated soft rejection


We have been trying to launch a new Moodle theme “Shiksha”. The original item was soft rejected for image file naming convention errors and image dimension mismatch, which is a error we admit to. But, since then we have been trying to re submit those correct image files in a zip( as instructed) and after each correct zip upload we are being soft rejected with the same cause!! Please let me know if this is something normal, as we are truly dissapointed and losing precious business days!

hi, as a guy that i know would recommend, u need to change the way files are being named, if u upload using the same , u will meet a bug in the system and u are going to face a failure in editing so to speak … normally if u change the names everything should be ok :wink:

Thanks for your response! Unfortunately I couldn’t understand what actually you meant to say, can you please explain a bit. We have renamed the zip as well as the image after the first soft rejection and then also we had repeated rejections.

that means if u want to update the thing, change the names of all files , by renaming, u will enable the field to go through and avoid the bug that the system is having