My Bundle is soft rejected several times

My bundle is rejected and the resaon is
“Please improve the quality of your preview image and thumbnail.”
I am change a images and put new one with the bigger resolution.
But my item is rejected again with the same reason.
Can you tell me what is different beetwen this two bundle one is a accepted second rejcted?

your soft rejecetd item other user will not be able to check. you can share your preview image and thumbnail here to get feedback from fellow authors.

Ok, I didnt know that. My point is that two bundels is the same and make it on same way(only the games is not same). I am not sure what can I do.
I am notice my items reject always the same reviewer

the reviewer didn’t rejeceted your item, just suggest you to improve those images and upload again.

Ok, soft reject again. Whats wronge with this image and thumb?

both thimbnail and preview image quality are not good. thumbnail you can use dark background color when text white also text canbe more readable.

Just my opinion:
Thimbnail - you can try 10 font size decrease and GAMES BUNDLE font size increase. also you can make uppercase GAMES BUNDLE to capitalize Games Bindle.

Preview image - you can remove all or some items images and can add some images and make text clean with proper spacing. try to make preview image more clean.

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