I got a soft reject for same file twice upload

Hello everyone. I got a soft reject for image size and regulation and i solve this but when i upload this. I uploaded again main file and all file. Now i got again this " avoid uploading the same file twice ".How can i solve this problem. I am new In market. Please support me .Thank you All


What exactly you need to make it more clear? The reason is more than enough.

Make sure you don’t have a duplicated image for preview, or any other file that appears twice.

Just add the item version to the file you’re uploading ( itemv.1.0.zip ) everytime
Time to time, there’s a cache issue that the reviewer sees the same file ( previous file )

issue on my image and description. if i upload image and description then again upload main file ? like version02!!! @ki-themes thank you

After solve my soft reject issue. where upload my file ? in edit option or Dashboard new item option will choose? @ki-themes

Here. Just update the item.

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I have Need to know about uploading file. if i get soft reject for my image. Why I will upload all file again ??. like thumbnail main file. @ki-themes tanks for your support.

After 24 hours, I believe, the images/files you uploaded will be removed from cache and you will need to upload all of the files once again