Reomove authorization/access for my account

When I installed a theme, It prompted to connect with Envato and I guaranteed access but I now have to remove the access and I could not find any way to remove the access on themeforest/Envato options. it is not fair to have access to my purchased items. I connected mistakenly

Hi @imran_kanjoo,

Do you mean you have connected using envato api (like using Envato Market WordPress Plugin)?
If yes, then you can deactivate the plugin but for auto update features you will need Envato Market WordPress Plugin. and some premium features of the theme theme author may require theme registration using envato api.

For more info you can contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Hi, thank you for your response.

No. Actually, I am using this theme. Initially, I got the theme from one of my friend and I installed. Then I decided to buy. After buying and installing, it prompted that the author(tieLabs) dont recognize the key and I have to connect with themeforest so it can read the related information. I authorized to use my credentials like my id, email, the themes I have purchased etc. Then I realized I should not have given permission because it has also got authorization to download any theme/plugins I have purchased. So I want to deauthorize them. But I dont know where to find this option.
There are no plugins installed, it leaded to themeforest url where I logged in and accepted the authorization.


As far I know that authorization is only to verify your purchase and no one will be able to use your account and will not be able to download anything from your download page.

For more clear answer and to remove your confusion you should to contact the author of your purchased theme.