Boombox de-listed, breaking live sites due to Marketplace authentication

Wordpress theme “Boombox” has been temporarily removed, this is not the problem. The problem is that the theme authenticates with Envato Market.

Since the item is no longer in the market, authentication fails and the theme gets deactivated.

Even if an item is de-listed or removed from the Marketplace, this should not cause existing purchases to get deactivated.

Please help.


I have the same problem here.
Postes are destroyed due to the WPBakery built-in plugin deactivation

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After checking in the forum, I found the same issue happened on 2021 and then resolved as the team re-list the item on TF.
PX-lab Themes have been removed from ThemeForest - Envato Forums

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If the item removed temporarily then please contact the theme author and ask then when they are going to make the theme listed/live?

Envato Token and purchase code verification only work for listed/live product. verification will not work for unlisted Item/product.

Good find, this is reassuring. However, we need a permanent solution. We can’t have our sites breaking every time an author fails to acknowledge a system check.

Is this experience the same with other themes?


Already tried reaching out via email, however, it just bounced back. Their social media has been inactive since 2021, and we cannot comment on the item because it’s disabled.

Any other suggestions?

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Is the Author profile active on Envato Market? You can send them a direct email going through the author profile page in Envato market, there you will find a contact form.


I have the same problem. I tried to contact the team, but got no answer. What should we do? Buy another theme?

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the same problem here I have 3 sites with that all buggy and damaged. this is causing me great economic damage. and no one answers! I’ve been writing to everyone for two days. this thing is absurd.

This is a nonsense idea. how does envato allow an author to deactivate thousands of sites with one click. we paid for a lifetime license and this doesn’t seem to be the case.

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I’m having the same problem. I sent messages to both Themeforest support team and the theme author many times. However, no response was given. Support sites are also down:

We are now waiting for an explanation and solution. There should also be a native license verification system, at least not through the envato API.

We need Envato to intervene, but even Envato is not responding.

For those of you have issues with the plugins not authenticating and causing layout issues, do the following:

locate boombox/includes/admin/activation/theme/class-theme-options.php

in the function → maybe_deactivate_plugins() comment out the lines where it adds the plugins in to the array.

ex: //$root . ‘js_composer/js_composer.php’

Your plugins can now be activated without boombox being activated.


Hi, for now, it works. Thanks!

It is working now. Thank you very much for your help, brother.

Please can you post a screenshot of how to solve this problem

Of course. Here it is:


it’s working many thanks, All The Best

Thank you for sharing this. Not happy with the fact that we have to resort to a manual workaround.

Anyway, in case anyone is unable to activate any of the Boombox plugins, or if you accidentally deactivate one of the required plugins, comment out lines 238-243 under function edit_tgma_plugin_action_links:

                                $action_links = array(
                                        'theme_activation' => sprintf( '<a href="%s" style="color:#a00;">%s</a>',
                                                add_query_arg( array( 'page' => $this->get_menu_slug() ), admin_url( 'themes.php' ) ),
                                                __( 'Please register your copy of "Boombox" to unlock', 'boombox' )
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Hi, it looks like the theme is back with an update.

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