License activation

I have purchased a theme,

We dont want to give access of our account to author to use theme. we dont want to allow download of my all items – they may not be downloading but why should i allow them – if its their it should be for authors theme only.

Please let me know how to move ahead, we have purchased theme but not able to activate it.

Mmm, this is a messy situation indeed.

It seems to me like a misunderstanding – i.e. they added the permission in consideration of future features, but haven’t yet used the permission to discover that it’s completely unnecessary. I highly doubt the author is abusing this given their status on the market.

That said, I completely understand and agree with your concerns here. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the integrity of your other purchases in order to activate a theme. Plus, if the author’s database is ever compromised, so too are your other purchases.

You should be able to activate the theme with only a purchase code, rather than signing into Envato or creating an account on the author’s website. This is a strict requirement for all themes that have activation, but some authors are unaware of it.

If you can’t find such an option, I highly encourage you to contact the author and inform them of this so they have a chance to fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, then you may absolutely report the item to Envato Support so they can talk with the author and get this resolved.


Thank you baileyherbert , will follow the same flow. i was also guessing the same.

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Heya @gangofdesigners!

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I did some digging and found new information for you. That permission does in fact allow the author to download any of your purchases.

However, in order to do so, the author needs to know either the ID or purchase code of the item. None of the other permissions allow them access to that information, so they won’t feasibly be able to download your other purchases.

They are still required to allow you to activate using a purchase code, but you can relax a little more now in knowing that your downloads are safe. :smiley: