Removal of RSS feeds from Envato Market

Our developers have removed a number of obsolete RSS feeds from Envato Market. These were previously accessed by appending .rss to the URLs of several types of pages on the marketplace. Those feeds are no longer available.

Why make this change?

Our developers and SEO team are continually reviewing and improving our products. Over time, our RSS feed technology has become outdated, exposing us to additional risks. With usage steadily declining and newer solutions becoming more widely used, the Market RSS feeds were not functioning as intended.

What other options do I have?

If you were previously using the RSS feeds, you still have a few options available.

Following authors

You can still follow an author by clicking the Follow button on their profile:

Visit <>/follow_feed to view a feed of new items from the authors that you follow.

Following new products

The Envato API also provides an endpoint to follow new products by site and category (use new-files:{site},{category}). If you’re an Envato Affiliate, you may find this is a useful method for monitoring new content.

Monitoring item comments

If you were using RSS to monitor your item comments, you can also do this via the API via the endpoint /search/comment. See the API link above for full documentation on this.

What about other use cases?

If you have been using the Envato Market RSS feeds to service other needs that are now not supported, please open a support ticket and let us know the details.


ok :slight_smile:

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Sorry, maybe this is a little bit off, but I must ask. What is the point of following author right now? I don’t see any more a latest products from authors which I am following on Home page (sorry if I have miss something). Will there will some updates/changes about this?


There’s still a follow feed. It has a dedicated page:



This is the first time that I see that page. Thank you :slight_smile:


If Envato will not remove All Items => Follow Feed then it can be an alternative of rss feed.

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I was using the RSS feed to advertise my latest tacks in the footer of my website. Now I have a blank area where it used to be.

Would a warning prior to decommission have been too much to ask?


@ [PurpleFogSound] yes that would has been nice :slight_smile:

they removed it (regarding my database entries) somewhere around Nov 14th 2018 :frowning:

last week I asked what’s wrong with the URLs and after some forwards I got the answer that they were removed :confused:

and today removal is official :man_facepalming:

So the RSS feed was decommissioned 25 days prior to this announcement?!

Wow… Another great job, guys!


Hi everyone,

Yes, we dropped the ball on this change, and I’m sorry for that. When researching who was using the RSS feeds, we found that the vast majority of requests were from bots. Because of this we underestimated the number of human users using these feeds, and concluded that a community announcement wasn’t necessary. Obviously we were wrong. We’ll discuss this in a post-incident review to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If none of the options given in @BenLeong’s original post above meet your needs, I encourage you to follow that link and open a support ticket so we can understand how the feeds were being used. If there’s enough demand for it, we’ll investigate alternative functionality.


i do not see what was the need to take out the follow feed as tehy did , now this is complicated to go to find it, this is boring …

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