Is it possible to have the follow feed returned?

Hello there,

I’m writing to ask that Envato please consider returning the Follow Feed to the front page. I know it’s still located in the dropdown menu under All Items, but it took me a couple of days to realize that and I’m very concerned about the accessibility of it to followers.

I’ve been here for a while and have worked hard to build followers, a lot of whom are repeat customers. Without the ability to engage with them directly, this was virtually the only way clients could see when new work was posted. Now, we hope they will find a random link in a random dropdown menu. The Follow Feed is an incredibly important way to engage with buyers we know like our style, and for those of us who write material aimed at a narrower customer base, even more so. I believe it’s a vital component to steady sales and I’m concerned about the frequency with which followers will be able to see our work with this change.

Would love to hear back from Envato about this, and other authors please comment if you agree or don’t.



+1 I too believe it is an important feature; a (potential) customer that follows you is at most times interested in your work and the follow feed can be a decisive channel in the customer decision to buy from you.

I asked support about this a few weeks ago. They replied:

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m Joef, from Envato Customer Success Team. We do understand that you are looking for the latest posts of your the authors you are following.

However, please understand that our system is currently being upgraded to ensure that our market place is as working smoothly.

We appreciate your feedback regarding our service and we respect your suggestions and opinion on how we can improve it in the future.

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I’m really surprised more people aren’t interested in this topic.

You can still follow users so I assume that follow feed will be brought back. #bringbackfollowfeed

They removed the follow feed to create a disconnect between authors and buyers. This is a part of their “Envato Elements” plan to depersonalize authors and make them seems like some kind of robots: “if all creative works seems like it’s coming out of a “factory”, and not invidivual artists with their own styles, why not subscribe to Elements, the ultimate de-personalized factory ?”

So they broke the connection between authors and buyers (most buyers will not go check the “follow feed” in the secondary link, and if they do en masse, Envato will remove that too) in hope this will increase Envato Elements subscriptions.

This will hurt sales for all those authors who built a long time list of followers who liked their personal styles, meanwhile the invasive Elements ads will increase and now will have even more visibility as yet another element of distraction, the follow feed, has been removed from the homepage.

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I really hope that the Follow Feed will return in the home page. It’s useless to have followers if they can’t see your work with a glance every time they visit the TF, CC, AJ, VH etc

I think “follow feed” will be an option just for Elements.

Bad News :

Hi kwst,

As part of the recent update of the technology serving the homepage to use ReactJS the Follow Feed was removed.

There isn’t currently plans for the follow feed to return in the near future.

However we will pass on your feedback to be considered for future updates to the homepage.

Kind regards

Well that sucks. I would be interested to know why Envato thought the follow feed wasn’t important enough to be on the front page. If I were a buyer, I would much rather get updates from the authors I know I like, instead of just a large collection of random new uploads.

Shouldn’t the goal be to make our customer’s experience the best it can be? I don’t see how this decision helps with that.


similar thoughts!