Releasing music on Spotify, itunes etc.

Hi all,

So I’ve just joined a distribution company and I’m looking to release all my stock music on Spotify for anyone that would want to listen to it for personal use. But I’m not sure if I should accept it to be released on stores like itunes etc. as well that give you a full copy of the track.

Do you guys think this would be okay or should I just stick with streaming services?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

iTunes is fine. Anything for listening purposes is allowed. You just can’t license the music elsewhere to AJ. Unless of course you’re non-exclusive. Then you can do whatever you want :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean is it okay or is it safe? If the latter, well, nothing is safe in this game :wink: Barely a few days ago I reported a guy selling music stolen from my friend! He popped up on the forum and started whining how poor his sales were, so I checked his portfolio and it turned out that he simply sells other people’s music. How someone can be so malicious to come up with something like this? It’s just beyond me.

Anyways, I believe there’s no reason to be paranoid. Putting your music on streaming services has more benefits than harms. The reason I’m doing this is not so much for extra income (it makes only pennies) but it’s to get the albums and tracks released more “officially”. If the music has been “really released” it’s easier for me to argue any copyright disputes, and it lifts the “profile” of the music a bit, when the album has a real UPC bar-code, each track has a real ISRC number, and it has been officially released through real channels. It just makes it “more professional”.

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Okay awesome thanks! And yeah I’m non-exclusive. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yeah that’s true. And yeah part of the reason for asking was through paranoia as well, but it’s true, people that want to steal are going to do it regardless of what you try and do to prevent it. What that one person did is so scummy and low though. :confused: I don’t get how people can do that either.

And yeah good points! Also just for general exposure reasons too is why I’m doing it, and because I’ve seen someone here asking for tracks without watermark just for personal listening so I want to give them that option too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for detailed response. :slight_smile: