Rejection on videohive

Made some fractal animation sequences, am planning to make a few for my channel. Had all 3 I’ve made so far rejected:

Desert Fractal
Leaf Fractal
Sun Fractal

Unsure what is wrong with them as a looping animation.

I don’t see any animation of the forms. Only color animation. It looks weird.
Also, I can not imagine the buyer who may need it. I am talking about the commercial appeal of these products

Colours/lights being animated take 30-60mins per 1min to render.
The form animating with swirls/zooming spike to 180mins+ per min. On my current hardware anyway. Internet in my location too slow for renderfarm rental.

So from my perspective I guess I’ve tried something simpler first but maybe it’s better suited on a different marketplace.

Well a good thing is to always imagine how and where and what kind of client would use your stuff. How many videos are there on facebook or youtube, tv about fractals? As I see this being used mainly there. Not much obviously, so there you go - it has no commercial potential or it’s so little it’s not worth the effort to invest your time into creating such things for sale. I think that’s the biggest issue + plus as romlam mentioned, the lack of animation doesn’t give this any bonus points either.

Render time has little to do with sales potential.

There are plenty of commercial applications, fractal animations can be easily found on other stock networks.

Considering some of the other fine examples I’m seeing on Envato (pixelated, irrelevant, low quality), it seems like my work has fallen under the category of ‘Envato staff don’t like it’.

I’ve also submitted 200mp pictures that were rejected for ‘not meeting quality standards’ but digging in to that situation it would appear that is because Envato are shifting from single sales on Photodune to all photographers having to use Elements. A bit rich to fall on the quality card when in reality that is the truth for pictures on this network.

Given the fact that videos are quite large, I am more inclined to believe that Envato after all these years is pushing some huge numbers in regards to file storage and is now being picky with what they accept, instead of expanding resources.

A real shame considering Envato prefer their sellers to be in an ‘exclusive’ arrangement yet fail to explain simple things that leave users in the dark. Fine example is their reply to one of my rejections, 3 pages of why Envato can’t give me a reason, which would have been a lot longer than the reason.

If Envato want exclusive authors on their network they should be more willing to explain their new stricter rules.

Being sent to a forum full of rejected users telling each other they wouldn’t buy each others work isn’t really an acceptable outcome when Envato have asked for you to be exclusive with them and you’ve spent time making some designs.

Obviously their FAQ is useless in regards to letting users know why their content was rejected.

Being scabby with space seems like the most obvious one to me atm.

First of all, Envato does not ask for anything for anyone. We ourselves come here.
The topic of feedback has been discussed on the forums more than once. Thousands of low-quality items are rejected every day. Reviewers do not have so much time to teach these authors. If the author wants to sell here, he must come here already as a professional. The second reason why reviewers do not explain rejection is that the author can regard this as concrete advice, and after the second rejection he will appeal to the fact that he did everything as he was told. If the reviewer saw the potential, he would explain to you what needs to be changed. This is called “Soft Reject”.
Several authors have given you advice. Instead of following the advice of authors who already sell products here, you just threw them in the trash. Don’t you think this is a little rude of you?
Envato cares about the quality of his product, that’s other sites take everything, but not here.

In comparison to some of the other animations I’ve seen on Envato (pixelated, upscaled to 1080p, 0 sales with no commercial application), it seems Envato never used to be as strict and of course has to allow authors who were previously approved to continue hosting content.

Can use these animations for all sorts of things, including projected art at a live display, which I have done myself to great effect in a commercial application.

Making rules more strict to save storage space is the obvious reason here.

You continue to disbelieve the advice that was written here. As you wish. I leave this dialogue, as I find it pointless. The only thing I want to advise you is this: never compare your work to the worst ones. Compare your works with the best ones. And then you will have something to strive for, and then you will improve your skills.
Good luck!

There’s no way to improve these animations unless they are rendered at 4K, which would need some pretty expensive hardware considering a bulk of resources are spent on calculating the actual fractal without the animation.

If you search ‘fractal’ in Envato you’ll see that there are none. So if it isn’t storage then it’s the fact that Envato don’t like fractals.

There’s always a way to improve things, total perfection is impossible. Just adding some After Effects distortion effects on top might be an improvement to the animation. Like some slowly evolving/moving turbulence or a similar effect.

Also I would think twice about blaming others, like envato for not liking fractals. You yourself chose to create a very niche thing, and seeing that there are none of those on the market you could have realized that maybe there’s none of them for a reason. I mean in all those years that envato is alive and we are aware of fractals, atleast someone must have tried creating them previously, soo if there’s still none after all this time it’s probably not cause no one haven’t yet came up with this and thus your common sense could have realized ohh ok… maybe this is not a good idea? Perhaps Envato just doesn’t see commercial potential in them?

Other markets maybe do, but as you are trying to sell here gotta play by the rules of this place. And sometimes they’re not fair or are weird, but it is what it is. Either fight it and try to change something to get your fractals approved or invest your time into more productive things like ditching this idea of fractals and making something different, more commercially viable and more animated, like the other good products here which get lots of sales :smiley: Or just sell on those other marketplaces :smiley: The decision is yours. Anyways best of luck!