Rejected thumbnail

Hi guys, i have a very big problem with themeforest, i try to upload my first website develeped by Bootstrap 4 but everytime my work is rejected because my thumbnail image 80x80 pixel doesn’t respect the quality standard required, please i beg you for solution, this is my last thumbnail thumb


I would like to remove Bootstrap 4 text from the thmbnail and make the Item name more clean.


You needn’t to write “bootstrap”. You can use bootstrap logo instead of text.

I agree with previous authors,

Creating an 80x80, in principle, like all works, ask yourself questions, does such a picture attract my attention? If it is difficult for you to analyze your own work, (sometimes you are too much interested in the created work and the opinion may be subjective at first, relative to the experience you have accumulated), try to analyze the works of authors who cause you admiration, why does this author’s work attract my attention?

Thank you and have a nice day!