Rejected: need help

Hi, dears! Have hard reject (quality standard required), but quality team dont tell me my mistakes.
Could you help me, please? I noticed that some works that already placed on Envato are very simple like seems to be done in some “free generators online”, but they are published. And despite this I don`t know why my work so bad

I like it, looks like a cool style. Couple of things - is this how it displays when exported as a jpg or whatever? Because I can see what looks like a glitch, a small gap between the polygons, on the bottom right of Africa. Also I see a pink dot at the top of Africa that serves no purpose? I would expect that if you upload this and it has no glitches, it’s all clean and polished, it would be approved no problem. It’s a good looking vector.

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Thanks a lot! Pink dot is the part of Illustrator interface) A small gap between the polygons (on the bottom right of Africa) appears only when zoom out too far

In exported files like .jpeg or .svg this bug doesnt exist


Right, I thought that might be the case. Well in that case I don’t know what’s wrong with it. You could browse some items in the vectors category and see if they are approving items of similar quality. If they are, you could try uploading it again with a message to the reviewer, or contact support.

Hmm, its something like Adobe Illustrator`s bug:
I fix it but аgain receive reject ‘quality standard required’ :frowning:

I guess you have 2 options, either try to improve it or sell it somewhere else.

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