Rejected, seriously? )

“isn’t at the quality standard needed”

Should I reupload to get a chance with another inspector?

This looks really cool, in which category was this uploaded to, just curious to check out other graphics on there?

vectors/Conceptual/technology/ communications

I’m not a graphicist, just an opinion from passer-by. It looks very nice and catchy for me. The only confused issue seems to be the shadows: they mess the light direction and look chaotic. for example the :thumbsup: guy has a shadow vector different from his light reflection and different from cactus’s one. Same with woman above, same with camera. Also the messages clouds (if I got the idea correctly) maybe better to place by usual way, being attached to every cpecific character.

Cactus itself is awesome.

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what I mean:
is definitely noticeable mistake.

it’s too bad, it’s too bad for envato if this was a real rejection reason.

maybe the reviewer was in a bad mood? I see nothing wrong with the quality and even the opinion of Ladanauskas. as he says with the lighting and shadows. That shouldn’t be an issue. If that’s the case. Try uploading to another category. Good work.

All my concept brochures were rejected. so…
(click the link above for a preview and you’ll see that you’re not the only one with unanswered rejection questions.)

lens on camera the white dot must be inside cyrcle and add more Black colors to the edges of all graphics