Rejected Logo Design, I need help


I have a few questions about my logo design that got rejected.
What did I do wrong?
How can I change it to be accepted?
What’s your opinion about it?

Waiting for your responses and thank you!

  1. Your logo is too tall. (it needs to be proportioned to work well in any dimension)
  2. The graphic looks more like an icon then a logo and overall concept is vague.
  3. You need to create horizontal version and color variations.
  4. Your fonts are not paired well and that thin slogan font it is unreadable.
  5. You don’t need to include .jpg and .png into your main files archive. Only editable .ai and .eps

Thank you for your feedback. It helps me a lot.

Welcome. (Daca mai ai nevoie de ajutor sa imi zici)

Sure. (Mersi mult)

hi as for me, i most importantly tend to believe that the concept and the way u materialized it is not clear, as for me i do not a lamp but a table here …
the typo part is a bit flat , besides a bit like wjat happens with your illustration part too
as for the logo being too tall, i personally do not think so , some are and they are famous all the same, but , let;s face it , the big difference is that they are graphically very worked out and punchy, unlike your this far …

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