What is wrong with my logo? why my logo has been rejected? Plz. can anyone guide me

This is an overdone concept. Be more creative! Also the proportions between mark and typo is wrong. If you scale it down the text become unreadable.


hi I guess that u can identify that, at this stage , this is very raw indeed … whether we consider the concept or the way u materialized it by the way … not to mention that , as @DesignSomething mentioned and rightfully so, indeed, there are some obvious flaws in this logo at the moment … anyway for the raw aspect , I assume that it would be good for u to push the envelope, introduce colors, some gradients or “effects” so that the logo can gain extra value and that the commercial potential is increasing in the end … otherwise, for the other flaws, the typo is quite basic and having more variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality would help to generate relief and extra value, once again. The proportion of text /llustration is definitely not the proper one and reworking it is definitely necessary


thanks for your valuable feedback

thanks sir for your valuable feedback