Can somebody tell me whats wrong with my Logo

Hard rejected logo

I think that your icon is basic, need more expert draw your icon as professional, luck.


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thank you … i saw many simple logos approved so this is not that simple

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hi, i think u have a variety of issues to deal with. First of all, u have a problem of balance between the illustration and the typo part the illustration, really way bigger and more bulky than the text part … . After that, if i u ask me, this is just my personal opinion, but the font is not matching so well the illustration actually … . The tagline is too thin and u cannot make it here for that matter , only this will probably a reason for them to reject, as they will consider what it looks like when in very small size … and that will likely be almost invisible because of the lack of boldness of the typo … . Finally, i think that the initial shape of your illustration is a bit basic and need to be a bit more original indeed