Rejected Item - Not required Standard Quality!


Can anyone please help me with this item? I have tried several times to upload some new items (flyer designs) using Envatio guidelines, licencing, print quality and organized layers and groups. I neatly put free fonts links into description as well as help file manual i made myself - to get customer started. It’s pretty simple and unique design, but it got rejected though, can anyone explain this further? Possibly someone with similar problem that he/her got solved.

Thank you, with regards


hi indeed, i think that your item is a bit flat typo wise, do not get me wrong, he hierarchy is ok but the main titles are not really popping out , there is not much originality as regard to combinations too, pls keep in mind that this is a party thing and no a corporate item indeed. PLs also be aware that typo is a major issue here , alone it may be responsible for rejections …