Flyer rejected because of quality standard. Please need help!


Hi all, can someone tell me why this item was rejected exactly?


man sorry to say just that but u are a CRIMINAL! how did u dare spoiling such a really wonderful design with these horrible typo and banners in the bottom part of this flyer? more seriously this is really a pity that u dropped so much the ball after making such a really great work and composition and a very harmonious work all the way … indeed, just fix these little things and u will see how perfect if can be with a decent footer … just take out the banners (too numerous) , change the typo for something more harmonious and readable and take out the banner under the header text too and i see no reason why it could be binned … at this stage with how u murdered your own work this is normal u did not make it …

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Yeah Spoiler alert hehe, you are right about the fonts and the banners, i killed my design with those. Thanks for you comment. I mostly focus on the design and graphics more than typography but you made a good point!

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