Rejected - I would love some tips or pointers


I made and the theme got a ‘isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on ThemeForest’

Allright. That’s fine. This is the second theme i created, so i’m not really experienced.

But I would love some tips or pointers about the theme. What could be the main reasons it got rejected? Which parts are (way) below expectations?

Thanks for your time in advance.

I like it. But, ThemeForest trends nowadays are more toward complex and bloated themes, and simple and minimal is often ignored. You should try some alternative way to release this theme, I doubt ThemeForest will accept themes like this one, and that’s a real shame.

There is a way to do simple and minimal and there are themes like that here on ThemeForest, BUT:

  • the typography must be ON POINT!
  • spacing between elements must be in a PERFECT harmony
  • there must be attention to detail - plain logo and a basic menu, boring footer with widgets of various height, one with a heading, one without a heading, naked buttons, blank space under image in a box, etc etc… won’t do.

Thanks GDragoN. Yeah, I love minimal themes. With most of the themes I see (and used in the past), I think “You don’t need that”, “And you don’t need that”.

Thanks for the feedback Darinka. Appreciate it. Gonna pay more attention to those elements the next time.

This theme is extremely simple. You need to come up with great unique design and functionalities in order to get ur work accepted. Take a look at new themes on themeforest to have an idea. Best of luck.