rejected flyers and couple questions

hi everyone. i will keep it simple; usually my flyer reviews takes up to 5 or 6 days (sometimes a week) but my recent reviews took just couple hours and i got rejected by them all my items. so i dont know is there any recent changes about review process that i need to know or learn?
And secondly i would like to hear your opinions about my rejected items. So thanks for your time guys, have a great day :slight_smile:

preview Red

hi time to review and the “result” do not have anything to do with each other …

for the first flyer , indeed, this is really messy if u ask me …grunge style maybe ok but this is the discrepancy between some “normal” parts and grunge ones that is simply not working in my view
in addition, u have a real issue with contrasts and texts not popping out , plus the combination of fonts is not harmonious … with squared fonts in one side and some artistic rounded one indeed

the second one is much better but u have issues as regard to spacing indeed, the spaces between the edge and texts is not wild enough Texts are flagged in diverse direction which is a problem for harmony indeed
the offer banner is misplaced in ,y view
titles are not popping out enough if u ask me
i do not know if crosses are supposed to be a logo but if so it doesn’t not work in my opinion
and your icons look like photoshop preset , so too common

for th third one, honestly i have no idea and i like it …

for the fourth one , apart from a small issue of spaces, once again between edges and texts …
the block of texts in the white part are not well aligned in the white space indeed